Where is the link between neurological rehabilitation and physiotherapy?

Rehabilitation is an important opportunity for people suffering from various neurological disorders, being the effect of illnesses or injuries that impair our nervous system. It brightens the quality of patients’ lives and, most importantly, gives hope for unaided functioning. It is widely acknowledged that efficient neurological rehabilitation, coupled with personalized physiotherapy techniques, has a direct and indisputable impact on health state improvement. 

According to (NIH) National Institute of Health’s experts, if promptly and adequately nursed, nervous tissue has the ability to regenerate, reorganize, and exhibit new potential. That is where physiotherapy enters into the equation. It stimulates the nervous system and in this way enables it to create new neural cell-cell junctions. From a neural perspective, only an individualized approach to treatment, combined with well-rounded medical care, offers the potential for maximum recovery. Therefore, patients or their families looking for professional help after any neuro-related disorders like stroke, Parkinson's disease or multiple sclerosis (MS), require a comprehensive overview of many different aspects and factors that can affect the progress. 

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Where can you find specialized residential rehab programs?

NeuLife Rehab Centre is one of the best brain injury residential facilities in the Southeast. Our skilled clinicians from a variety of disciplines are ready to provide you and/or your family with detailed information and a multidisciplinary approach to many neurological conditions, impairments or interventions. We believe that the most effective neurological rehabilitation is an active and  complex participatory process that engages a dynamic interaction between the person with neurological disorders and the health professional members of our multi-specialty team. 

In practice, to be able to adjust and develop personalized problem-solving strategies we primarily have to build an understanding of our patient’s neurological conditions. So, starting from psychomotor tests, through multi-stage consultation, integrative rehabilitation and continuous monitoring of the effects, to the discharge date, we guarantee the highest standards of medical care.

What makes NeuLife Rehab exceptionally effective?

Since people with neurological deficits need to learn to function again, our eminent clinicians, nurses, and therapists endeavor to mediate and navigate each individual’s health improvement process. They aim to restore the capability of a person to perform a skill through practice and experience. NeuLife’s effectiveness equally rests on customized programs that provide you and your family with post-acute rehabilitation services and by means of those promote a functional independence and successful community re-integration. We are confident that the NeuLife therapeutic environment, as well as structured guidance offered by our multifaceted team of experts, is focused on stimulating highly effective therapy throughout the rehabilitation process. 

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Ever wondered about neuro rehabilitation near me?  

Our NeuLife brain injury residential facility in Florida offers complex administrative and medical care for patients as well as their families. If you have any questions concerning neurological disorders and/or post acute rehabilitation, don’t hesitate to call us at  800.626.3876 to make an appointment or  schedule a tour to visit our neuro rehabilitation facility.

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Dedicated to providing the highest caliber of care to individuals with brain injuries, NeuLife Rehabilitation is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).
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