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NeuLife offers neuro rehab programs onsite at its post-acute inpatient rehab facility in Florida. Neuro rehab is short for neuro-rehabilitation and is also referring to as brain injury rehabilitation.

About neuro rehab

At NeuLife, we know recovering from a traumatic brain injury, brain tumor, stroke, spinal cord injury or a neurological disease that requires lifelong care, may seem daunting. Our highly skilled and experienced team, equipped with modern neuro-rehabilitation technology, is here to help you reduce your symptoms, maximize your independence and aid your return to a fulfilling life with renewed self-esteem.

Our Neuro-Rehabilitation Center provides a complete spectrum of care, including inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services, work and school re-entry programs, and opportunities to participate in adaptive recreation and support groups. We have separate programs for brain injury rehabilitation, strokes, and spinal cord issues to guarantee a customized and targeted approach to treating your condition.

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What does NeuLife’s neuro rehab program in Florida include?

NeuLife customizes a patient’s neuro-rehabilitation program depending on the patient’s specific needs. It is likely to include a combination of the following:

  • Clinical evaluations
  • Medical care and therapeutic activities
  • Treatments designed to increase Activities of Daily Living (ADL) skills
  • Speech therapy
  • Activities for improvement of mobility
  • Retraining programs
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Exercise programs
  • Pain management
  • Stress management
  • Emotional support
  • Support group sessions

These programs are designed to optimize our patient’s coordination, strength, movement, balance, muscle function, and overall wellness. The ultimate goal of neuro rehab is to help patients’ regain their normal function and independence while improving their overall quality of life.

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Why Choose NeuLife’s Neuro Rehab

NeuLife is a highly specialized institution committed to neurological care. No matter your neurological diagnosis, you can be assured you have the best neuro-rehabilitation team. About 95% of those discharged said they would recommend the center to others.

Our residential rehab staff has managed to create a comfortable and home-like atmosphere. The facility itself is one of the largest brain injury centers in the Southeast, with 54 private patient suites, fully equipped therapy rooms, a skills retraining room, a laundry room, an accessible theater, and many other amenities across the 43-acre property. Furthermore, having a multi-specialty team means that all aspects of a patient’s neurorehabilitation are addressed.

These specialties include physiatry, psychiatry, neuropsychology, cognitive therapy, speech-language pathology, nutritionists, and physical therapy.


Interdisciplinary approach to neuro rehab

The process of neuro-rehabilitation relies in part on the person, who has experienced the neurological injury, making plans and setting personal goals. We say that neuro-rehabilitation is not done only for the person who has suffered an injury, but by him or her.

However, the guidance, support, and assistance of a broad range of professionals are crucial for this process. That is why neurological rehabilitation at NeuLife is guided by an interdisciplinary team of clinical professionals and focuses on the individual needs and abilities of each patient.

Each individualized care plan addresses all facets of brain injury recovery. Our interdisciplinary team works together to provide integrated care that’s designed for optimal independence and a safe return home.

Our multi-specialty team includes:

  •       Physicians & Specialists
  •       Physical Therapists
  •       Cognitive Therapists
  •       Occupational Therapists
  •       Speech Language Pathologists
  •       Recreational Specialists
  •       Dietitians
  •       Community Reintegration Specialists
  •       Case Managers
  •       Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurses
  •       Neuropsychologist
  •       Vocational counselors
  •      Rehabilitation Specialist
  •      Social worker
  •      Vocational counselor

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Common conditions targeted at NeuLife neuro rehab

Neuro-rehabilitation is used to treat people of all ages who have suffered from brain injuries, diseases, or conditions, and require guidance to return to their everyday lives. Conditions treated through neuro-rehabilitation include:

  •       Blood vessel disorders in the brain or spinal cord, such as aneurysms or arteriovenous malformations (AVM)
  •      Brain injury, including anoxic injury or traumatic brain injury
  •       Brain tumors, both benign and cancerous
  •       Degenerative disorders (disorders that get worse over time) such as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Huntington’s chorea, and Alzheimer’s disease
  •       Functional disorders, such as headache, seizure disorder, dizziness, balance disorders, and neuralgia
  •       Infections, such as meningitis, encephalitis, polio, and brain abscesses
  •       Movement disorders, such as dyskinesia and essential tremor
  •       Neuromuscular disorders, such as Bell’s palsy, cervical spondylosis, peripheral neuropathy, muscular dystrophy, myasthenia gravis, and Guillain-Barré syndrome
  • Stroke disorders such as ischemic strokes (caused by blood clots), hemorrhagic strokes (caused by bleeding in the brain), and transient ischemic attacks (TIA or “mini-strokes”)
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Am I a good candidate for Neuro-Rehabilitation?

Neuro-rehabilitation is best suited for people who are experiencing lingering problems after a neurological injury or disease. People experiencing difficulty with speech, movement, vision, balance, and many other complications of neurological problems can almost always benefit.

Neuro-rehabilitation requires the patient to be mature enough to make a commitment to the treatment plan. A person in neuro-rehabilitation will get help and guidance from a team of experts, but they need to have the will and courage to progress through what can be a very demanding treatment schedule.

It is a common misconception that neuro-rehabilitation needs to take place immediately after a neurological injury to be effective. In fact, it is never too late to start a neuro-rehabilitation program. Many people can get significant benefits and regain noticeable function months or even years after their initial injury.

Neuro Rehab FAQs

What is neuro rehab?

Neuro-rehabilitation refers to the rehabilitation of injuries to the brain. For more details information, please see our brain injury rehabilitation program.

How does a nervous system injury affect the patients’ daily function?

Once an injury or a disease has occurred, it can have an impact on almost every aspect of the patient’s life. It affects their mobility, balance, strength, concentration, and even their emotions. But this depends on the patient’s condition.

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How long does the neurorehabilitation program take?

The length of the neuro-rehabiliation program varies depending on the specific condition and circumstances of the patient.

What happens after the neuro rehab program?

Based on past data, more than 87% of patients are discharged home rather than to another care setting.

Will neuro rehabilitation be covered by my health insurance?

Most of the time this type of treatment is covered by your health insurance provider. But it is best to enquire about the coverage before undergoing any treatment plan.


“The material contained on this site is for informational purposes only and DOES NOT CONSTITUTE THE PROVIDING OF MEDICAL ADVICE, and is not intended to be a substitute for independent professional medical judgment, advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your health.”


Dedicated to providing the highest caliber of care to individuals with brain injuries, NeuLife Rehabilitation is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).
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