What to Know About Brain Injury Communication Difficulties

The period after a brain injury can be a time of great uncertainty. Memory, attention, social skills, and communication can all be affected. Patients and family members are often desperate to get back to the pre-injury status quo and return to as normal of a life as possible.

But communication difficulties following brain injury can provide an obstacle. Fortunately, our traumatic brain injury center in Florida can help. In this blog post, we aim to tell you more about brain injury communication difficulties as well as how, specifically, NeuLife Rehab can help.

What Factors Contribute to Communication Difficulties Following Brain Injury? 

There can be several distressing factors after brain injury that may contribute to communication difficulties. These include:

  • Problems with memory
  • Fatigue
  • Planning
  • Social Skills
  • Behavior

When practitioners consider treatment for communication difficulties, they look at all symptoms contributing to the obstacle. Reliable post-acute rehabilitation facilities are familiar with holistic approaches that treat all contributing factors. 

Are Communication Difficulties Obvious?

Communication difficulties may or may not be evident following brain injury. Every person and every injury is unique, as is how it impacts communication. 

Some patients can have speech that is difficult to understand, or they can have expression difficulties. With expression difficulties, patients find it challenging to find the correct word they want to say. It can be incredibly frustrating for both the patients and sometimes those with whom they interact. 

Other difficulties after brain injury impacting communication include being able to attend to conversations. Patients also can have trouble processing information, organizing thoughts, and can have impulsivity with language. 

It is not uncommon for patients with a brain injury to have difficulty following appropriate social and communication rules. Brain injury patients may disrupt, dominate communication, change the topic, or say something inappropriate. These unusual patterns can be both embarrassing and uncomfortable. 

How Can Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation Centers in Florida Assist With Communication Difficulties?

Our brain injury residential facility employs highly-qualified speech and language pathologists to address communication difficulties with patients. 

After a brain injury, some communication concerns resolve naturally as the brain heals. The speech rehab team builds on this progress to facilitate communication and conversational interactions. 

Our team works to improve communication skills by teaching patients new strategies to compensate for the difficulties they may be having. They also teach patients the skill of self-monitoring so that they can manage speech and behavior during conversations. 

When speech is severely impacted, there are also technological tools to assist with communication difficulties. Research continues to progress in the technology area and look at innovations that may improve speech, language, and cognitive abilities in those who have suffered a brain injury. 

Neu Life Rehabilitation Center

Why Neu Life is a Preferred Brain Injury Residential Facility in Florida

Neu Life Rehabilitation Center is known for being the best and largest brain injury rehabilitation center in Florida. Our team treats a wide range of diagnoses and injuries at our rehabilitation center.

Hope is restored daily because of our treatment services. We want to be with you as you rehabilitate to the life you are meant to have! If you would like more information about our services, do not hesitate to contact us today. Make a referral or give us a call at 800.626.3876



Powell River Brain Injury Society (2020). Communication problems. Retrieved from https://braininjurysociety.com/information/acquired-brain-injury/communication-problems/


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