Why education is important in TBI.

Michael Somagala is Neulife’s Director of Education. We cannot imagine a better-suited person for this position because (as most our staff in other positions) he does whatever it takes to help those who suffer from TBI and their loved ones. He mostly does it by educating everyone who needs it.

When it comes to treating TBI, it can be the person affected by this condition or their caretakers. But most importantly Michael Somagala educates fellow health care providers so that we can all give our patients the care they deserve.

TBI is a condition that requires extra special health care. Its outcomes can be radically and efficiently improved by professionals, like all those working at our NeuLife Rehabilitation Facility. We all make sure we stay at the top of our game when it comes to catastrophic rehabilitation, and continuous education is the key.

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Post-acute rehabilitation

In his newest article Michael Somagala describes post-acute rehabilitation, which is an area of catastrophic rehabilitation. “We must ask ourselves as health care providers” - he says - “why transition care and processes are so important to those we serve.”

Fragmented Care

Michael Somagala believes that fragmented care shows negative effects in all phases of the care process - such as acute individual rehabilitation, skilled nursing facilities and the post-acute care field - and in the wide-ranging community.

He also strengthens that “post-acute settings should focus on the individual and significant other/supportive care in relation to a rehabilitation process”. In his words, this care should include, but not be limited to, “a systemic comprehensive, multidisciplinary assessment in the development of realistic, measurable and functional goals.”

The best outcome in post-acute rehabilitation

According to Neulife's Director of Education, in order to be most efficient post-surgical rehabilitation should focus on maintenance and slow progression of an individual's medical stability. As well as their functional and cognitive ability.

He also stresses the importance of health care professionals focusing on the individual and personal needs and barriers of the patients, alongside considering their environment and the ability to adjust to it. It is his belief that the responsibility to recognize and meet this challenge lies with all of us (who provide care and services for our patients) in order to achieve the most successful and functional outcome.

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NeuLife Rehabilitation - brain injury facility. Where miracles happen every day.

NeuLife Rehabilitation is a residential post-acute brain injury facility, one of the largest in the Southeast, specializing in catastrophic rehabilitation.

Our programs are customized to meet the individual needs of each patient, and our care plans are structured to promote the highest level of functional independence and successful community re-integration. Through the skills and experience of our highly trained team of clinical experts, we are able to treat a wide range of diagnoses and injuries at our brain injury center.

Watch this video to find out more about what we do.

If you have any more questions concerning catastrophic rehabilitation, or any other issue regarding traumatic brain injury (TBI), call us to make an appointment today. You can also schedule a tour to visit our brain injury facility.

Source: https://www.orlandomedicalnews.com/what-really-is-post-acute-rehabilitation--cms-2453

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Dedicated to providing the highest caliber of care to individuals with brain injuries, NeuLife Rehabilitation is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).
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