Complex Orthopedic Injury Rehabilitation — What, When, and How?

Trauma is one of the leading public health problems that ranks as the fourth leading cause of death for people of all ages. In fact, studies suggest that there are 60 million orthopedic injuries occur yearly due to traumatic accidents, such as car collisions, sports accidents, or work-related accidents.

Regardless of its cause, most traumatic accidents result in various complex orthopedic injury that requires medical care and hospitalization. Additionally, the patient must undergo intensive physical therapy to completely recover from the injury.

Fortunately, NeuLife offers complex orthopedic injury rehabilitation for patients with severe musculoskeletal injuries. Read on to learn more about what it is and when it is recommended.

When is a complex orthopedic injury rehab recommended?

A complex orthopedic injury refers to injuries sustained after a serious condition or severe trauma. Some examples of conditions considered a complex orthopedic injury include:

  • Hip, pelvic, and other types of fractures 

refer to broken bones in the hip or pelvic area. Fractures may also be considered complex if there’s muscle, vessel, and nerve damage.

  • Rheumatoid arthritis 

Is an autoimmune disorder wherein your body sends antibodies to attack the tissue surrounding and protecting the joint.

  • Osteoarthritis

is a degenerative joint disorder that causes extreme joint pain and swelling. An advanced form of arthritis may happen due to a traumatic joint injury or as a complication of another underlying condition.

  • Congenital conditions 

are congenital disabilities that affect the musculoskeletal system causing orthopedic problems as the baby grows up.

  • Total joint replacement

is a last resort procedure that your doctor may recommend if you have a severely damaged joint. This operation involves removing your injured joint and replacing them with artificial ones. 

  • Traumatic injuries

are injuries in the musculoskeletal system caused by a direct blow, blunt trauma, or penetrating trauma.

These injuries usually require immediate medical attention to treat the actual condition. After the treatment, your doctor will recommend a complex orthopedic injury rehabilitation to help your recovery. This type of physical therapy will help restore your body’s normal function as you heal from your surgery or condition. 

Furthermore, complex orthopedic injury rehab aids in strengthening your muscles and body so you’ll gradually maximize your mobility. This therapeutic technique will also teach you to adapt and perform daily tasks without injuring yourself again.

What types of therapy should you expect during complex orthopedic injury rehabilitation?

First, your care team will perform a thorough medical evaluation to assess your current condition, mobility, and limitations. Then, they will create an individualized treatment program focused on your medical needs and personal goals. 

Complex orthopedic injury rehab is primarily done in an inpatient facility to provide 24/7 extensive care and assistance to the patients. Some of the various types of therapies you may encounter in the rehab center include:

  • Occupational therapy to strengthen your fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and balance
  • Physical therapy
  • Hand training
  • Speech therapy
  • Strength and endurance exercises
  • Joint mobilization and manipulation
  • Trigger point dry needling
  • Electrical stimulation

You’ll be working with a group of a multidisciplinary team that may consist of doctors, physical therapists, nurses, nutritionists, and orthopedic surgery specialists. As your condition improves, your care team will adjust your treatment plan and gradually introduce more challenging activities and exercises. 

The last stage of your complex orthopedic injury rehabilitation is an effective transition of care. Your team will equip you with the right tools, devices, and learnings so you’ll be ready when you transition back to your home or on to a long-term care facility. 


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NeuLife – Providing the best rehabilitation for complex orthopedic injuries.

If you’re looking for a patient-centered rehab for you or a loved one, then you’re on the right track!

At NeuLife, we provide effective and research-based rehabilitative services to address your orthopedic problems. Our board-certified healthcare team focuses on empowering patients to overcome their physical limitations through various therapies and innovative techniques. 

Besides complex orthopedic injuries, we also provide other types of rehabilitative treatment, such as:

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