Acquired Brain Injury: An Integrative Neuro-Rehabilitation Approach [2nd Edition]

Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) - what is it?


Acquired brain injury refers to any type of brain damage that happens after birth. Causes of ABI include disease, blows to the head, alcohol and drug use, or oxygen deprivation.

ABI does not entail damage to the brain resulting from neurodegenerative disorders.

Coping with the outcomes of acquired brain injury can be challenging for everyone, including family members.

2nd edition of a book about ABI

In July this year, Springer has published a new, improved edition of a comprehensive book called “Acquired Brain Injury: An Integrative Neuro-Rehabilitation Approach”. It can be of interest to all healthcare professionals in the field of neurology, and specifically ABI (Acquired Brain Injury), as well as ABI survivors and their families.

The book presents a comprehensive interdisciplinary team approach to the rehabilitation of acquired brain injury (ABI) survivors. Medical and clinical specialists will receive a deeper understanding of not only each other’s roles but of their corresponding roles in this field.

Book contents


In this publication, you will find, among many subjects:

  • a comprehensive chapter on physical therapy in ABI, 
  • updated chapters on neuropsychology, speech-language and occupational therapies, including new technology and strategies as well as evidence-based methods,
  • psychosocial challenges and treatment following ABI,
  • the value of family as team members,
  • post neuro rehabilitation choices and experiences.

"Acquired Brain Injury: An Integrative Neuro-Rehabilitation Approach" 2nd edition provides evidence and context concerning the rehabilitation goals and processes for rehabilitation specialists, interdisciplinary students of neuro rehabilitation and practicing clinicians.

acquired brain injury neuro rehabiltation


Many case examples are provided, illustrating a wide spectrum of challenges and steps of recovery. This edition features 3 completely new chapters and various updated chapters by new and returning authors (with Jean Elbaum as the editor).


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